User Experience

Producer: Angela Martin (producer) The University of Waikato, New Zealand
Assistant: Lane Halley (producer) Liquidnet

Agile User Experience is not just about User Interface Design, User Research, and Usability. It’s not just the responsibility of just one or two people, and it doesn’t just happen at the beginning or end of a project. The User Experience stage is packed with experienced presenters with real-world experience on agile teams. Come learn useful skills and practices that will help you build successful software your users will love.

Looked through the sessions on this stage but still not sure which one(s) will best meet your needs? We are here to help: contact Angela, Lane, and the rest of the crew at (or tweet with hashtag #UXStage2009). We’ll help you locate the best sessions for you.


Robert Biddle (reviewer) Carleton University
Jim Ungar (reviewer) Jewelry Television
Adrian Howard (reviewer) Quietstars
Lynn Miller (reviewer) Autodesk
Jeff Patton (reviewer)
Catherine Courage (reviewer)
Helen Sharp (reviewer) The Open University


Monday 11:00-12:30Guerilla Research Methods Russ Unger, Todd Zaki WarfelTutorialAcapulco
Monday 14:00-15:30Mission Possible—from design research to prototype in 2 days or less. Joe Sokohl, Todd Zaki WarfelTutorialAcapulco
Monday 14:00-14:45Software Development for Disney Animated Feature Film Production Rajesh Sharma, Brian WherryExperience reportColumbus KL
Monday 16:00-17:30Rapid Sketching and Prototyping Design Studio Todd Zaki WarfelTutorialAcapulco
Tuesday 11:00-12:30Creating "Big Picture" Designs without Big Design Desiree SyTalkColumbus KL
Tuesday 14:00-15:30Product Vision and the Glass Wall Matt Roadnight, Una WalshTutorialColumbus KL
Tuesday 16:00-16:45Improving Obama Campaign Software: Learning from Users Billy Belchev, Paul BakerExperience reportColumbus KL
Tuesday 16:45-17:305 Users Every Friday: A Case Study in Applied Research Tom Illmensee, Alyson MuffExperience reportColumbus KL
Wednesday 09:00-10:30Pragmatic Personas: Putting the user back into user stories Jeff Patton (reviewer)TutorialColumbus KL
Wednesday 11:00-12:30Four Core Concepts for Fast User Feedback Hugh Beyer (reviewer)TutorialColumbus KL
Wednesday 14:00-15:30Hands-on Guerilla User Testing Luke Barrett, marc mcneillWorkshopColumbus KL
Wednesday 16:00-17:30Closing the Feedback Loop With a Little Help From Your Friends Jackson FoxTutorialColumbus KL
Thursday 09:00-10:30Designing on-the-fly: ideation & sketching for non-designers Amanda WilloughbyWorkshopColumbus KL
Thursday 11:00-12:30GUIDe for Saving Face: Developing Killer GUIs with Agile Methods (90min) Lasse Koskela (reviewer)TutorialColumbus KL
Thursday 14:00-15:30Many paths to the top of the (mobile) mountain Tom Hume, Johanna HuntWorkshopColumbus KL
Thursday 16:00-16:45Agile User Experience Design Emergent Practices Jeff Patton (reviewer)TalkColumbus KL
Thursday 16:45-17:30Adopting an Agile Culture Lily ChoExperience reportColumbus KL