How the FBI learned to catch bad guys one iteration at a time

Level: Introductory

Because the FBI never stops evolving, High Performance Technologies, Inc (HPTi) found themselves struggling to keep up with the changes and maintain their CMMI III certification. Developers were complaining, clients were getting anxious, releases were slipping; but what was the problem? Was it CMMI? Was it the environment? Was it HPTi? Through a disciplined approach to agile development, we found the answers to our questions above. When you’re dealing with a client who is historically challenged with a continuously changing environment, you better be on your toes.

The Prisoner's Dilemma: Applying Game Theory to Agile Contracting

room: Grand Ballroom A — time: Wednesday 14:00-14:45, Wednesday 14:45-15:30
Level: Practicing

I propose that the larger issue with Agile Contracts is not that we don’t know how to write them. After all we know how to deliver Agile projects, so a contract can simply describe that process. The problem is with making Agile Contract commercially competitive; against suppliers who are offering the promise of delivering the perfectly predicted dream - offering the certainty that people crave. This is a prisoners dilemma, with organisations driving themselves towards a sub optimal solution. Through game theory we will explore ways in which to improve the appeal of the agile offering.

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