Agile won't Work: Implementing Agility in Non-Standard Teams

Level: Practicing

When most people think of the phrase “Agile won’t work here” they think of resistance to adopting agile. There are teams and situations, however, that are truly challenging even to the most dedicated agile adherents. During this sharing experience, I plan to take you on a “cook’s tour” of a dozen or so teams that had difficulty adopting agile, even after the team was sold on the benefits. Filled with humorous stories, how these teams succeed (or failed) is an object lesson for us all.

Accidental Adoption - The Story of Scrum at

room: Regency C — time: Monday 14:00-14:45
Level: Practicing

This report describes how scrum was adopted by more than half of the software developers at (and counting). The adoption was due largely to the efforts, both accidental and purposeful, of an internal employee. Amazon’s corporate and development cultures played important roles, both positive and negative. With no executive sponsorship, adoption occurred primarily a team at a time. The wide range of success across teams and organizations leads to a number of important lessons learned with regard to enterprise scrum adoption. The lesson: you can cause this to happen.

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