Why Is Testing So Slow?

room: Grand Ballroom D North — time: Thursday 09:00-09:45, Thursday 09:45-10:30
Level: Practicing

Why is testing so slow? Why is testing taking so long? We’ve done lots of things to speed up testing, but we still face this time crunch when we get to the end of the iteration; then we find out from the field that there are problems that we didn’t anticipate. In this workshop, we’ll gather familiar patterns that slow down testing, and discover a few more in the process—and maybe we’ll find that the slowest parts of testing have nothing to do with testing at all. If you have problems that you’d like to solve or solutions that you’d like to offer, come along.

First, Kill All The Metrics!

Level: Practicing

How well are we served by our current metrics? Do metrics such as developer and tester productivity, ROI, and on-time / on-budget help us improve results? Or, do such metrics drive us towards negative behaviors? In this workshop, we describe the foundation for meaningful metrics. Workshop participants, via a series of exercises, translate this foundation into metrics that they can immediately use. This workshop results from the response I received during my Agile 2008 presentation on the CIO and agile teams. There was a great deal of interest on the topic of aligned, meaningful metrics.

Agile won't Work: Implementing Agility in Non-Standard Teams

Level: Practicing

When most people think of the phrase “Agile won’t work here” they think of resistance to adopting agile. There are teams and situations, however, that are truly challenging even to the most dedicated agile adherents. During this sharing experience, I plan to take you on a “cook’s tour” of a dozen or so teams that had difficulty adopting agile, even after the team was sold on the benefits. Filled with humorous stories, how these teams succeed (or failed) is an object lesson for us all.

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