Using Virtual Worlds for Distributed Agile

room: Plaza Ballroom A — time: Thursday 09:45-10:30
Level: Practicing

Participants will discuss the use of virtual worlds with agile teams. Examples will be interjected from an agile project at State Farm where a virtual world was used to collaborate with team members in multiple locations. The session will end with a brief demo.

The discussion will include:
1. Necessary qualities for collaboration to occur 2. Obstacles to achieving this on a distributed agile team 3. Using a virtual world on an agile project 4. Best practices for leveraging a virtual world 5. State Farm’s use of virtual world environments with agile teams

Agile won't Work: Implementing Agility in Non-Standard Teams

Level: Practicing

When most people think of the phrase “Agile won’t work here” they think of resistance to adopting agile. There are teams and situations, however, that are truly challenging even to the most dedicated agile adherents. During this sharing experience, I plan to take you on a “cook’s tour” of a dozen or so teams that had difficulty adopting agile, even after the team was sold on the benefits. Filled with humorous stories, how these teams succeed (or failed) is an object lesson for us all.

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