Agility Night Live - TV Sketches and Project Stories

room: Regency D — time: Thursday 14:45-15:30, Thursday 14:00-14:45
Level: Practicing

A glimpse behind the scenes of the production of a weekly show like Saturday Night Live offers an incredible example of a team of people who have agility in their DNA. Writers, actors, set designers, producers, studio execs, etc. all have a single-minded focus on delivering an exceptional quality show every single week. Slipping the schedule is not an option. Customer satisfaction (viewer ratings) are the central measure of success. The production team must collaborate and adapt to unexpected challenges every single week.

Influence of Large-Scale Organization Structures on Leadership Behaviors

room: San Francisco — time: Tuesday 14:00-14:45
Level: Introductory

In a large agile organization (more than three teams or 30 team members) with self-organized empowered teams, R&D leadership roles still exist to support these teams through topics including resource management and strategic vision. This talk will highlight these R&D leadership roles, describe several example R&D organization structures, and then describe the behaviors (good and bad) stimulated by these structures, the challenges, and their impact on the teams. The talk concludes by describing the key attributes of leaders who will thrive in a large agile organization.

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