The Invisible Project Manager

room: Regency A — time: Wednesday 16:00-16:45, Wednesday 16:45-17:30
Level: Practicing

An Exercise in Agile Facilitation - http://agilejournal.com/articles/columns/articles/1233-the-invisible-pro...

This session focuses on an approach taken by Agile Project Managers to develop empowered and effective teams using a series of techniques focused on trust, transparency, team dynamics, and agile facilitation. More so, ensuring that the Project Manager does not end up as the central figure dominating the project is equally critical, highlighting that it takes an unselfish personality to create a truly self-organizing team.

The Elephant in the Room: Using Brain Science to Enhance Working Relationships

room: Crystal A — time: Wednesday 09:00-09:45, Wednesday 09:45-10:30
Level: Practicing

Increasing gender intelligence strengthens our ability to maximize the contributions of all members of the team while maintaining both equity and uniqueness. New research from neurobiology sheds light on the real differences in male and female brain structure, chemistry, and blood flow. This data underlies the emerging science of gender intelligence, providing a new vision of gender relationships. Gender-intelligent supervision, employee coaching/mentoring and negotiation and conflict management leads to a competitive edge in the toolkit of forward-looking companies.

It Takes Two to Tango; Four to Square Dance

Level: Introductory

Do you understand why your team behaves the way it does? In this session, you’ll leave with ways to unlock the true potential of your team through better and more productive communication. You will learn how to identify behavioral profiles, and how to capitalize on the diverse behaviors found on typical teams. A highly interactive, fun, and refreshing look at the human element with actionable techniques that target individuals and their interactions. Topics range from enhancing interpersonal communication (Tango) to effectively leveraging the anatomy of your team (Square Dance).

How to Say "No." (Without Destroying the Relationship)

room: Crystal A — time: Wednesday 16:45-17:30
Level: Practicing

Maintaining a good working relationship while also staying true to Agile principles can be extremely challenging at times. Over the last two years we have been using William Ury’s “Yes! No. Yes?” approach to confronting anti-Agile behavior to great success. This workshop will train participants in the approach and go through several role playing examples to help practice the technique.

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