Agile 2009 - end-to-end testing en Slow and Brittle: Replacing End-to-End Testing <p>End-to-end tests appear everywhere: test-driven development, story-test-driven development, acceptance testing, functional testing, and system testing. They&#8217;re also slow, brittle, and expensive. In this expert-level workshop, we will discuss why end-to-end testing is used, examine where and why it breaks down, and generate more effective solutions. We will spark ideas for participants to explore further on their own.</p> <p>We will not be debating the premise (that end-to-end tests are problematic). This is an expert-level workshop and attendees will be expected to participate fully.</p> Testing Workshop acceptance testing end-to-end testing Functional Testing STDD system testing tdd testing 90 minutes Thu, 05 Feb 2009 00:52:23 +0000 ArloBelshee 1010 at