Large scale continuous integration

Level: Practicing

Increase Productivity With Large Scale Continuous Integration Iteratively: Reduce Feedback Cycle From Weeks To 100 Minutes

Using iterative development – create an continuous integration environment using open source and commercial tooling for hundreds of developers
From migration to new environment – the tools and process lessons learned
Effects seen in product development – real life experience after 18 months in production

It Takes Two to Tango; Four to Square Dance

Level: Introductory

Do you understand why your team behaves the way it does? In this session, you’ll leave with ways to unlock the true potential of your team through better and more productive communication. You will learn how to identify behavioral profiles, and how to capitalize on the diverse behaviors found on typical teams. A highly interactive, fun, and refreshing look at the human element with actionable techniques that target individuals and their interactions. Topics range from enhancing interpersonal communication (Tango) to effectively leveraging the anatomy of your team (Square Dance).

You say tomato, I say Pomodoro

room: Grand Ballroom C North — time: Wednesday 11:00-11:45, Wednesday 11:45-12:30
Level: Practicing

The “pomodoro technique” is a simple tracking and feedback process where the unit of work is the “pomodoro”, a time slot of 25 mins. In this tutorial I’ll give you advanced practical advices on how to implement the daily pomodoro practice, common pitfalls, tools you may find useful and how to read and use pomodoro metrics and answer questions like: what did I do the last week, on which tasks I spent most of the time, how frequent is the context switching. Hopefully after this talk you’ll be able to go back to your team and give pomodoros a try with all the practical information needed.

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