team development

Iterating a Team in Flux

room: San Francisco — time: Wednesday 14:45-15:30
Level: Practicing

Imagine yourself with a team that flies in from AU, the UK, and US in bi-weekly shifts to work with a telecommunications giant. Mix in inexperience, a shared resource model, bad behaviours, and a mandated intro to Agile in a silo-ed non-agile environment. Couple this with a capability driven / satellite team who’s focus is to assist other teams to drive out SOA: and you have a recipe for a Team in Flux. Working to find a system that worked for this team was a long and arduous journey full of misdirection, poor choices, and learning around structure, Agile methodologies, and people in general.

The Elephant in the Room: Using Brain Science to Enhance Working Relationships

room: Crystal A — time: Wednesday 09:00-09:45, Wednesday 09:45-10:30
Level: Practicing

Increasing gender intelligence strengthens our ability to maximize the contributions of all members of the team while maintaining both equity and uniqueness. New research from neurobiology sheds light on the real differences in male and female brain structure, chemistry, and blood flow. This data underlies the emerging science of gender intelligence, providing a new vision of gender relationships. Gender-intelligent supervision, employee coaching/mentoring and negotiation and conflict management leads to a competitive edge in the toolkit of forward-looking companies.

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