Iterating a Team in Flux

room: San Francisco — time: Wednesday 14:45-15:30
Level: Practicing

Imagine yourself with a team that flies in from AU, the UK, and US in bi-weekly shifts to work with a telecommunications giant. Mix in inexperience, a shared resource model, bad behaviours, and a mandated intro to Agile in a silo-ed non-agile environment. Couple this with a capability driven / satellite team who’s focus is to assist other teams to drive out SOA: and you have a recipe for a Team in Flux. Working to find a system that worked for this team was a long and arduous journey full of misdirection, poor choices, and learning around structure, Agile methodologies, and people in general.

Facilitation Patterns and Antipatterns

room: Regency A — time: Tuesday 14:00-14:45, Tuesday 14:45-15:30
Level: Practicing

Facilitation skills are essential for anyone. In fact, everyone facilitates whether they know it or not! Do you work on a team, manage an organization, or otherwise work with others? The opportunity to facilitate will come up.

It Takes Two to Tango; Four to Square Dance

Level: Introductory

Do you understand why your team behaves the way it does? In this session, you’ll leave with ways to unlock the true potential of your team through better and more productive communication. You will learn how to identify behavioral profiles, and how to capitalize on the diverse behaviors found on typical teams. A highly interactive, fun, and refreshing look at the human element with actionable techniques that target individuals and their interactions. Topics range from enhancing interpersonal communication (Tango) to effectively leveraging the anatomy of your team (Square Dance).

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