Iterating a Team in Flux

room: San Francisco — time: Wednesday 14:45-15:30
Level: Practicing

Imagine yourself with a team that flies in from AU, the UK, and US in bi-weekly shifts to work with a telecommunications giant. Mix in inexperience, a shared resource model, bad behaviours, and a mandated intro to Agile in a silo-ed non-agile environment. Couple this with a capability driven / satellite team who’s focus is to assist other teams to drive out SOA: and you have a recipe for a Team in Flux. Working to find a system that worked for this team was a long and arduous journey full of misdirection, poor choices, and learning around structure, Agile methodologies, and people in general.


A presented experience report with slides (+ a pinch or two of humour and humility for good luck): I’ll set the stage, the challenges we faced and factors that worked against us, how we overcame these challenges and evolved to a high functioning team amidst a sea of churn. I’ll open the floor for questions at the end.

Learning outcomes
  • Factors that can influence the success or failure of a team and how one group overcame these.
  • See how we used our iteration board to drive out and bring visibility to larger program level issues.
  • It’s not always about metrics. In this situation people and interactions are the driving force for learnings.
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