The Lean Lego Game

room: Grand Ballroom B — time: Tuesday 16:00-16:45, Tuesday 16:45-17:30
Level: Introductory

After revolutionizing the automobile industry, Lean principles have been applied to different knowledge areas, such as software development. However, many people haven’t been introduced to the concepts that made Lean successful. In this interactive session, the participants will work in a small Lego production line, experiencing the problems and applying Lean practices to overcome them. 8 to 20 participants, divided in 4 teams, will learn about: systems thinking, push vs. pull systems, waste, etc. We will also compare the production line scenario with the software development industry.


This session was presented in the Latin-American Agiles 2008 (, the first Latin-American Agile Conference, where it was well received by the participants.

Introduction - Duration: 0:10

  • Session Overview
  • Lean Introduction
  • Explaining their roles and how the first exercise (Iteration 1) will be conducted

Iteration 1 - Hands on - Duration: 0:10

  • Push System Simulation

Debriefing 1 - Duration: 0:20

  • Retrospective
  • Waste
  • Push vs. Pull
  • Kanban

Iteration 2 – Hands on - Duration: 0:10

  • Pull System Simulation

Debriefing 2 - Duration: 0:20

  • Retrospective
  • Unlevelled Process
  • Systems Thinking
  • Work Cells

Iteration 3 – Hands on - Duration: 0:10

  • Work Cell Simulation

Conclusion - Duration: 0:10

  • Summary
  • Kaizen
  • Lean in Software Development
Learning outcomes
  • Understand Lean concepts in a hands-on experience
  • Demonstrate that Lean is more than just practices
  • Have a good understanding of concepts like: Waste, Push and Pull Systems, Just in Time, Systems Thinking, Work Cells, and Kaizen
Featured participants
Primary target persona