Selenium and JBehave : A surprisingly successful shotgun wedding

room: Grand Ballroom E — time: Monday 14:00-14:45, Monday 14:45-15:30
Level: Practicing

Selenium is the 800lb gorilla of open source web application testing. For four years it has been steadily gaining a following and making a difference for corporations large and small. Such tools have always been a trap for adept Agile teams though. Too often teams rely on functional testing and skimp on the much more effective ‘small’ unit tests. Now with JBehave steering Selenium, we’re seeing test scripts emerge that engage formerly perplexed management and business folks. The time has come for this type of tool pairing to be valued for its role in validating Agile in the enterprise


The session will be a tutorial, but driven from slides. Here’s a presentation Paul made a few years ago to Agile India. Note the section break slides, that interleave the presentation. See

We’d aim for the same level of graphics for this presentation, but with addition of canned video segments to show Selenium+ JBehave working on a test application. We’ll show edit/build cycles - test first of course. It is too risky to solely rely on a live demo, but we’ll be ready with that too for at least the Q&A section if not the more of the session.

If it is not apparent elsewhere, Paul one of the creators of Selenium (a source of pride and shame, but that’s a different story), and Mauro and Paul are committers on the JBehave project.

Learning outcomes
  • An understanding of how to apply BDD to functional web app testing
  • Elegant grammars shown to be appealing to dev teams and customers
  • Strategies for terse, elegant and reusable test script grammars
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