Becoming Agile ... in an imperfect world

room: Toronto — time: Tuesday 14:00-14:45, Tuesday 14:45-15:30, Tuesday 16:00-16:45, Tuesday 16:45-17:30
Level: Introductory

How do you become agile with all the constraints surrounding you and your team? This tutorial introduces a new way to approach agile adoption efforts. We will go through important and key concepts related to agile adoption such as adopting values not practices, the difference between education and training, readiness assessments, and the process of organizational change. One of the tangible outcomes from this tutorial is a roadmap to agility that consists of five different levels, or steps, along with the different practices that can help an organization achieve each level of this roadmap.


Agile Adoption Exercise – Part 1 (45 minutes) In this tutorial, we want attendees to experience something new that will teach them and will have a lasting impact on them. So after a brief introduction, we start the tutorial with a hands-on game that simulates the process of an organization aspiring to adopt agile practices Value Driven Agile Adoption (25 minutes) Through the previous exercise, participants realize that the task of agile adoption is not as simple as it looks and that any form of guidance or help would be of great value. Create your own roadmap to agility (20 minutes) The third part of the tutorial is another hands-on team activity where each group creates a roadmap to agility (based on the SAMI) for the organization that they had created in the agile simulation exercise. Agile Adoption Exercise– Part 2 (30 minutes) After the participants have mastered the process of creating value-driven roadmaps to agility, this exercise will determine how effective their roadmaps are. Starting the Agile Adoption Process (35 minutes) Before ended this tutorial, the presenter discusses some key points about agile adoption and organizational change in general.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the importance of having the values and principles of agility drive their agile
  • adoption efforts not just practices.
  • Learn the steps needed for an organization to adopt agility based on values and principles
  • Understand and learn how to assess the readiness of an organization for agile practices
  • Experience the effect of having a roadmap to guide your agile adoption efforts, verses
  • haphazard approaches.
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