Coaching and Producing Value

room: Regency B — time: Wednesday 09:00-09:45, Wednesday 09:45-10:30, Wednesday 11:00-11:45, Wednesday 11:45-12:30
Level: Practicing

Coaching helps communities produce real value and grow sustainable agility. Successful coaches know the importance and value of treating each community as unique, helping the individuals and the larger community find a “groove” (style) that truly helps them deliver. If you are coaching or getting ready to coach, and you want to learn a pile of pragmatic coaching tools, based on years of coaching agile projects, this session will pass your tests.


We will focus on coaching tools that produce sustainable groove and respectful change, or change that does not overload the community. As we journey down the path of adopting and adapting (tuning) of agile methods, you will learn a wide collection of core coaching tools and emerging coaching practices. To keep it real, and real challenging, we will practice theses skills as we go, working on individual, paired, and group exercises taken from a coaching course used to successfully teach and grow coaches for companies of varying sizes, countries and cultures around the world.

• Introduction (30 minutes) - The session will start with the participants interviewing each other as a way to work on listening and learning skills. After there will be an overview of the goals for the session and a discussion what the participants are looking to glean from the session. Each participant will be asked to capture ideas from the presentation to use as the basis for a coaching persona.

Teaching the Parts (120 minutes) - This session will take a fresh approach to ideas and practices which help communities produce. We will discuss three parts and set of practices for each part:

• Preproduction (getting ready to produce) - Getting to know the community, creating coaching plans, chartering common vision, finding core product value with personas and stories, planning delivery cycles, building community and creating creative development environments

• Finding A Groove (getting productive) - Establishing a delivery cadence, nurturing community hang time, the importance of speaking geek, the beauty of feedback, balancing metrics and innovation, practicing practices, finding and growing improvisation, talking in tests, continuous storytelling, and more

• Keeping the Band Together (sustaining production) - Dealing with change, addressing conflict, reframing failure, burnup and burnout, keeping the spark, growing the community, evolving designs and systems, continuous focus on finding and delivering value, and the importance of fostering the beginner’s mind within the community

Presentation of the Personas (30 minutes) - As a way to ensure the participant engagement as well as share the ideas mined from the session, the participants will share their newly formed personas.

The presentation material is a combination of anecdotes, images and experience from coaching projects of all sizes and shapes. For each collection of practices introduced, the participants will be challenged to apply one or more of the techniques and process the experience.

Learning outcomes
  • • Learn how to help set up holistic and productive communities
  • • Work with a collection of tools for mining real product value and user experiences
  • • Build skills for guiding and leading common agile forums (e.g. stand up meetings)
  • • Learn to seek out and value the formal and the informal coaching opportunities
  • • Find way to balance descriptive and prescriptive coaching which is respectful and challenging
  • • Learn to teach both the mechanics (how) and the value (why) for agile practices
  • • Embrace the challenges of helping to produce value by starting a coaching persona
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