Agile Practices at Home: Iterating with Children

room: Columbus GH — time: Thursday 09:45-10:30
Level: Practicing

Many facets of Agile apply to simple principles of human nature. Because Agile is so effective in the workplace, I began applying Agile principles (after pleading with my wife) to managing the chaos of our family. For over 2 years now, my wife, 4 children, and I have been using Agile practices to manage our own home life.

The evolved methodology in our home has been discovered over two years of modification using Lean principles while working on weekly iterations.

This is a fun topic with actual learning points for managers learning to accommodate unique personalities in the workplace.


Typical process for user experience papers

Learning outcomes
  • Effective information radiators for kids
  • Fostering teamwork in self interested, myopic individuals
  • Effective planning for repetitive tasks
  • Incrementally increasing expectations of done
  • Deriving the practices that work for children
  • Modifying the methodology to accommodate maturity
  • Building a stronger family with iteration retrospectives
Featured participants
Primary target persona
Anyone with kids