Developer Jam

Producer: Kirk Knoernschild (producer) Burton Group
Assistant: Nayan Hajratwala (producer) Chikli Consulting LLC

There is no substitute for a group of programmers that can efficiently produce clean code and tests, keep the system integrated all the time, and evolve an architecture incrementally. In the words of the manifesto, “continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.” The Developer Jam stage is about this technical excellence. The audience is in-the-trenches software developers, and the focus is on improving the day-to-day skills that programmers need to succeed with agile.

Stage Structure

We anticipate three components of the Developer Jam stage:

  1. A series of multi-day clinics. Clinics provide on-demand training and support in a specific skill. Developers can “walk in” to a clinic for either a 90-minute or a three-hour slot at any point during the conference week. Examples of the type of clinics we are looking for might include:

    • Test Driven Development
    • Continuous Integration
    • Clean Code
  2. A set of focused tutorials and experience reports. Separate from the clinics, we would like a limited number of tutorials on in-depth topics that are relevant to developers. We likewise encourage submission of experience reports that describe implementing agile engineering practices in the real world.

  3. The daily “Jam Session.” This will be the focal point of the stage, and promises to be a fun way to demonstrate your agile development skills in a public forum. Each day, attendees will be able to code, pair, test, check in, and have their “performance” monitored in real time by an on-site customer and by the audience.

Selection process

We are looking for the following types of proposals from those interested in helping with the Developer Jam.

We have a big need for experienced “master programmers” to run the various clinics, in half-day (3 hour) time slots. While each session in a clinic will cover the same basic skill, different slots can have a slightly different focus. For example, the TDD clinic may have a ruby exercise in the morning, and a Java/J2EE exercise in the afternoon on one day.

If you are willing to facilitate a clinic, submit a proposal for a three-hour “clinic” and indicate the clinic topic you are interested in. Please discuss the type of hands-on exercise(s) you have in mind for the clinic and how you would structure the time.

Tutorial submissions should provide an abstract and a basic outline of the tutorial. Experience Report submissions should outline the story you intend to tell. All submitters should provide biographical details, credentials, and contact information.


Robert Martin (reviewer) Object Mentor
Chet Hendrickson (reviewer) HendricksonXP
Neal Ford (reviewer) ThoughtWorks
Joshua Kerievsky (reviewer) Industrial Logic, Inc.
Michael Feathers (reviewer) Objectmentor
Jeff Nielsen (reviewer) Abraxas Applications
Patrick Wilson-Welsh (reviewer) Pillar Technology


Monday 14:00-15:30XUnit Test Patterns and Smells; Improving Test Code Through Refactoring Gerard MeszarosTutorialGrand Ballroom C North
Monday 14:00-15:30Coding Dojo: Enhancing Legacy Code Guillaume Tardif, Eric Lefevre-ArdantWorkshopGrand Ballroom F
Monday 16:00-17:30Integration Tests Are A Scam J. B. RainsbergerTutorialColumbus IJ
Monday 14:00-17:30Clean Code Clinic: Refactoring Fest Naresh JainClinicNew Orleans
Monday 16:00-17:30Ugly Code vs Clean Code: A/B Comparison of Legacy/Test-Driven Implementations Patrick Wilson-Welsh (reviewer), Corey HainesClinicColumbus KL
Monday 16:00-17:30TDD Clinic: C++ James Grenning, Bas VoddeTutorialGrand Ballroom F
Tuesday 11:00-12:30Mission Impossible: TDD and JavaScript James SuchyTutorialNew Orleans
Tuesday 11:00-12:30Treating Errorhandling as a First Class Consideration in Design Michael Feathers (reviewer)WorkshopGrand Ballroom F
Tuesday 14:00-17:30BDD clinic - the doctor is in Pat Maddox, Elizabeth KeoghClinicNew Orleans
Tuesday 14:00-15:30Clean Code III: Functions Robert Martin (reviewer)TutorialGrand Ballroom F
Tuesday 16:00-17:30System Metaphor Revisited Joshua Kerievsky (reviewer), Brian FooteTalkGrand Ballroom F
Wednesday 09:00-10:30Scala: Object-Oriented and Functional Programming for the JVM Dean WamplerTalkGrand Ballroom F
Wednesday 09:00-12:30Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests Steve FreemanClinicNew Orleans
Wednesday 11:00-12:30Emergent Design & Evolutionary Architecture Neal Ford (reviewer)TalkGrand Ballroom F
Wednesday 14:00-15:30Skills for Agile Designers Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (reviewer)TutorialNew Orleans
Wednesday 14:00-17:30Build Engineer Bootcamp: Builds As Code Paul Julius, Jeffrey FredrickClinicGrand Ballroom F
Wednesday 16:00-17:30We Didn't Quite Get It Brian Victor, Noah JacobsonExperience reportNew Orleans
Thursday 09:00-09:45Agile AJAX: The Google Web Toolkit Experience Daniel Wellman (reviewer), Paul Infield-HarmTalkNew Orleans
Thursday 09:45-10:30Ruby Kata and Sparring Micah MartinTalkNew Orleans
Thursday 09:00-12:30Styles of TDD: First Tests Naresh Jain, Michael Feathers (reviewer)WorkshopGrand Ballroom F
Thursday 11:00-11:45Exploring Synergistic Impact Through Adventures In Group Pairing Ken KolchierExperience reportNew Orleans
Thursday 11:45-12:30Creating Habitable Code: Lessons in Longevity from CruiseControl Jeffrey Fredrick, Paul JuliusExperience reportNew Orleans
Thursday 14:00-15:30Test Driven Development on the iPhone Eric Smith, Eric MeyerClinicGrand Ballroom F
Thursday 16:00-17:30Mock Objects in Action Paulo Caroli, Sudhindra RaoTutorialGrand Ballroom F
Thursday 16:00-17:30Applying Agile Development Practices to Atypical Technologies Scott DillmanTalkNew Orleans