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Monday 09:00-10:30Agile Validation is Continuous and Collaborative: A Field Study of Agile Require Philippe Kruchten (producer)ResearchResearch-In-ProgressPlaza Ballroom A
Monday 11:00-12:30Don’t Mention the ‘A’ Word: Agile Undercover Tore Dybå (producer)ResearchResearch-In-ProgressPlaza Ballroom A
Monday 14:00-15:30ActiveStory: A Tool for Agile – UCD Design Teams Philippe Kruchten (producer)ResearchResearch-In-ProgressPlaza Ballroom A
Monday 14:00-15:30When it just *has* to work: Agile Development in Safety-Critical Environments Brian Shoemaker, Nancy Van SchooenderwoertAgile & Organizational CultureTalkRegency D
Monday 16:00-17:30Research on Agile – presentations, summary, and reflection Yael Dubinsky (producer), Philippe Kruchten (producer)ResearchResearch-In-ProgressPlaza Ballroom A
Tuesday 11:00-11:45Examining the Foundations of Agile Usability with eXtreme Scenario-based Design Yael Dubinsky (producer)ResearchResearch PaperPlaza Ballroom A
Tuesday 11:45-12:30The importance of Identity and Vision to user experience designers on agile proj Yael Dubinsky (producer)ResearchResearch PaperPlaza Ballroom A
Tuesday 14:00-15:30Deliberate Practice in Software Development Mary PoppendieckManifesting AgilityTalkColumbus GH
Tuesday 14:00-15:30Overcoming Cultural Differences by Focusing on Similarities Jutta EcksteinDistributed AgileTalkCrystal A
Tuesday 14:00-15:30First, Kill All The Metrics! Niel Nickolaisen (reviewer), Chris Matts (reviewer)Main StageWorkshopCrystal B
Tuesday 14:00-15:30Session I Afternoon Yael Dubinsky (producer)ResearchResearch PaperPlaza Ballroom A
Tuesday 16:00-17:30Scrum in Church: Saving the World One Team at a Time Arline SutherlandManifesting AgilityExperience reportColumbus GH
Tuesday 16:00-17:30Session II Afternoon Tore Dybå (producer)ResearchResearch PaperPlaza Ballroom A
Tuesday 16:45-17:30WANTED: Seeking Single Agile Knowledge Development Tool-set Brad Appleton (reviewer), Peter AlfvinTools for AgilityTalkGrand Ballroom E
Wednesday 09:00-10:30Agile Development Using Example Embedding Philippe Kruchten (producer)ResearchPhD SymposiumPlaza Ballroom A
Wednesday 09:00-10:30Stepping Up and Stepping Back: The Leadership Tipping Point Pollyanna Pixton (producer)Leadership & TeamsWorkshopRegency A
Wednesday 09:00-12:30Agile Leadership: A Developmental and Integrative Approach Bud Phillips, Michael HammanLeadership & TeamsTutorialSan Francisco
Wednesday 09:00-12:30Introducing agile to an organization Linda Rising (reviewer)Agile AdoptionTutorialRegency C
Wednesday 11:00-12:30Towards a DSL for Agile Measurement and Visualization Patterns Laurie Williams (reviewer)ResearchPhD SymposiumPlaza Ballroom A
Wednesday 14:00-17:30Creating Your Enterprise Adoption Plan: A Seven Layer Framework Michael SpaydAgile AdoptionTutorialRegency C
Wednesday 14:00-15:30Processes Change and Stories Shift: Motivations for an Extended Narrative-Ethnog Orit Hazzan (reviewer)ResearchPhD SymposiumPlaza Ballroom A
Wednesday 14:00-15:30Creating a Culture of Trust: An Agile Leadership Tool Pollyanna Pixton (producer)Agile & Organizational CultureWorkshopRegency D
Wednesday 14:00-15:30Learning: the best approaches for your brain Mark Levison (reviewer), Linda Rising (reviewer)Manifesting AgilityTalkColumbus GH
Wednesday 16:00-17:30Agile: placebo or real solution? Linda Rising (reviewer)Agile & Organizational CultureTalkRegency D
Wednesday 14:00-17:30Build Engineer Bootcamp: Builds As Code Paul Julius, Jeffrey FredrickDeveloper JamClinicGrand Ballroom F