Internal Coach
“I’m helping in my organization's initiative to adopt agile development. I'd like advice in becoming a better coach for my company.”

Carlos has been recently tapped to help with his company’s effort to adopt agile development. He conducts internal agile training and acts as a ScrumMaster for two internal teams. He acts as an internal consultant for several others. He often doesn’t feel seasoned enough with agile development to be giving the advice he’s often called to give.


Monday 11:00-12:30The Agile Playground Tobias MayerAgile AdoptionWorkshopGrand Ballroom A
Monday 11:45-12:30The Bold, New Extreme Programming Experiment - Now In Its Ninth Year Brian SpearsAgile AdoptionExperience reportAtlanta
Monday 11:00-12:30Distributed Agile Development: Experiments at Microsoft patterns & practices Ade Miller (reviewer)Distributed AgileTalkGrand Ballroom C North
Monday 14:00-14:45Accidental Adoption - The Story of Scrum at Alan Atlas (reviewer)Agile AdoptionExperience reportRegency C
Monday 14:45-15:30Weaponized Scrum Michael MarchiAgile & Organizational CultureExperience reportAtlanta
Monday 14:00-15:30What Does an Agile Coach Do? Liz Sedley, Rachel Davies (producer)CoachingWorkshopRegency B
Monday 16:00-16:45The Scrum Bestiary: Pigs, Foxes, Chickens and Seagulls a behavioral taxonomy Ade Miller (reviewer)Agile & Organizational CultureWorkshopAtlanta
Monday 16:00-16:45Fully Distributed Scrum: Linear Scalability of Production Between SFO and India Jeff Sutherland (reviewer), Guido SchoonheimDistributed AgileExperience reportCrystal A
Monday 16:00-17:30Improving the Quality of Your Dialogues Eric Babinet (reviewer)Leadership & TeamsWorkshopRegency A
Tuesday 11:00-11:45Making an Enterprise Agile Transition Happen in the Face of Federal Bureaucracy Judy Wankerl, Brandon RainesCoachingTalkRegency B
Tuesday 11:00-12:30When Agile Just Works - Exploring Group Coherence Joanna Zweig, Cesar IdrovoManifesting AgilityWorkshopColumbus GH
Tuesday 11:45-12:30Top Ten Tips for Agile Coaches Rachel Davies (producer), Liz SedleyCoachingTalkRegency B
Tuesday 11:45-12:30Leveraging Collaborative Tools with Distributed Customer Teams Luke HohmannDistributed AgileWorkshopCrystal A
Tuesday 14:00-17:30Do I Still Have a Job? Roles and Org Structure in an Agile Transition Alex Pukinskis, Mark KilbyAgile AdoptionWorkshopRegency C
Tuesday 14:00-15:30XP: My Greatest Misses 2000-2009 J. B. RainsbergerCoachingTalkRegency B
Tuesday 14:00-17:30Becoming Agile ... in an imperfect world Greg Smith (producer), Ahmed Sidky (producer)Agile AdoptionTutorialToronto
Tuesday 16:00-17:30Diagrams for understanding and improving Agile practice Bonnie Aumann, Arlo Belshee (reviewer)Agile & Organizational CultureTalkAtlanta
Tuesday 16:00-17:30Enhancing Diversity in Agile Software Development Environments Orit HazzanAgile & Organizational CulturePanelRegency D
Wednesday 09:00-09:45Shock Therapy: How to Bootstrap a Hyperproductive Team Jeff Sutherland (reviewer), Scott DowneyAgile & Organizational CultureExperience reportAtlanta
Wednesday 09:00-10:30The Elephant in the Room: Using Brain Science to Enhance Working Relationships Sharon Buckmaster, Diana Larsen (reviewer)CoachingTalkCrystal A
Wednesday 09:00-10:30Activity Theory for Manifesting Agile Robert Biddle (reviewer)Manifesting AgilityTalkColumbus GH
Wednesday 09:00-12:30Coaching and Producing Value David Hussman (reviewer)CoachingTutorialRegency B
Wednesday 11:00-11:45Multi-team sprint planning - how to do all the teams together Henrik Kniberg (producer)Leadership & TeamsTalkRegency A
Wednesday 11:00-12:30Help me to see... corporate culture Alan Cyment, Tobias MayerAgile & Organizational CultureWorkshopAtlanta
Wednesday 11:00-12:30Scaling Scrum with Feature Teams Bas VoddeAgile & Organizational CultureTalkRegency D